3 New Rules Of Eating Fish

Eating fish is something that can greatly improve our health and well-being. Despite all the health benefits, it’s a big responsibility. There are a few things that you have to look out for when eating fish. By abiding these three simple rules, you will save your body the hassle and enjoy the fish to the fullest.

1. Avoid fish that are high in mercury

Mercury does end up in some fish and this is a great concern when it comes to enjoying them. How does it get there, anyway? Power plants and industrial complexes often release dangerous chemicals into the water and this is no exception. This dangerous chemical can be detrimental to your minds and bodies. Therefore, it’s good to avoid the fish that are high in it – marlins, sharks, mackerels.

2. Don’t eat fish that are fed antibiotics

Although safety regulations are advanced in most countries, some major fish exporters lag behind terribly. Generally, imported fish are fed all kinds of drugs and antibiotics, in order to allow them to avoid diseases. This creates a whole another set of problems for your health. Thus, you should avoid much of the fish imported from China and Vietnam.

3. Cook fish at home

Some fish come from suspicious sources. Even restaurants can add some additives in order to make their batch of fish last longer, in order to save money. Thus, your best bet would be to prepare fish in the comfort of your own home. Thus, you will both save money and be sure about the state of your health. You wouldn’t believe the prices some restaurants charge for cheap fish.


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