4 Tasty Desserts That Won’t Make You Feel Guilty

Having a mouthful of your favorite chocolate dessert can leave you with a guilty feeling. The kind of feeling that makes you think “why did I just eat that?” It would be awesome if you could still enjoy sweet desserts without the guilt. The good news is there are some healthy options for desserts. Are you ready for them?

Low-Fat Cheesecakes

The dessert offers the same texture and sweetness of a cheesecake, but with less fat. You can do this by using Greek yogurt and cottage cheese in place of cream cheese. You’ll still get the same results, but with less calories.

Fresh Fruit Tart

Here you get a combination of sweet and healthy as one serving offers up to 258 calories. It comprises of fruit such as strawberries, kiwifruits, and raspberries to name a few. The best part about it is that it can stay fresh for up to 8 hours. You just need to keep it refrigerated or covered for it to stay good for that long.

Raw Mini Chocolate Cream Cakes

You won’t get a better substitute for chocolate desserts. A look at the finished product and anyone can be fooled into thinking that this is made out of chocolate. You’ll be happy to know that the dessert is made from nuts and fruits.

Maple Cinnamon Apple Sauce

Here’s a dessert that you can have with your breakfast or as a breakfast. The name of the dessert says it all, maple syrup and Apples are the centerpiece of it. The Maple syrup is used as a sweetener.

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