4 Ways To Deal With Cravings

Nothing is worse when you are on a diet than the cravings you get…

Sometimes the craving can come out of the blue however it will often be induced by something around you; a advert, seeing someone with a chocolate or even possibly the craving is caused because it’s the time of day you usually would eat. We’re going to be looking at four ways to beat these cravings.

Eat a little, a lot

Eating small amounts of food throughout the day not only helps the body regulate blood sugar easier but it also discourages cravings as you are constantly putting a small amount of nutrients into your body, essentially there is no craving because you are eating, just in a different way.

Why do I have a craving?

Learning to mentally overcome your cravings is dependent on knowing where the craving comes from…. In most cases, the craving is just a food you are used to and miss, but cravings can be induced by other factors such as: Emotional feelings and boredom can make you more susceptible to not only the craving but giving into the craving as well!

Eat right

Your body is full of billions of bacteria that live with you and influence your body processes. Different bacteria grow as a result of different foods. When you cut out “X’’ food the craving you feel can be induced by the bacteria that need ‘’their’’ nutrients.

Over time, you can influence which bacteria you have by what you eat over an extended period of time. Those who do not eat chocolate don’t get chocolate cravings.


One way to deal with a craving is drinking water, sure it is a temporary solution but it just needs to last long enough for the craving to go away.

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