Are Beauty Treatments Safe During Pregnancy?

Expectant mums know that they need to be cautious about many of their common habits. Beauty treatments are no exception. Luckily, however, quite a few of your regular treatments are perfectly safe during pregnancy.

Here is a list of the main do’s and dont’s according to doctors.

Which beauty treatments are completely safe during pregnancy?

Manicures/pedicures. Manicures and pedicures are perfectly safe as long as the tools are hygienic and the room is properly ventilated.

Highlights. Highlights are a current trend, and you don’t need to give them up during pregnancy. Note that highlights are not the same as hair coloring – hair coloring is not advised, as it means that the chemicals come into contact with your scalp.

Waxing. Waxing is completely safe during pregnancy, though you’ll probably notice that your skin is more sensitive.

Facials. Facials are fine, as long as they do not involve retinoids.

Which beauty treatments should you avoid at all costs?

Hair coloring. It involves harsh chemicals that shouldn’t touch your skin during pregnancy. Opt for highlights instead.

Tanning. Doctors advise against tanning when pregnant, both naturally or in a studio. Raising your skin and body temperature can be dangerous during this period.

Saunas. Again, increasing the body temperature during pregnancy is not recommended. Avoid saunas in this period.

Teeth whitening. Some research suggests teeth whitening substances may be harmful, so you’d better not risk it. Your perfect smile can wait for a few months.

Botox. You surely don’t want to inject chemicals into your body during pregnancy!


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