Everything You Need To Know About Body Fat Percentage

Most health and fitness advice online makes references to body fat percentage, but few people understand what body fat actually is and what it means for our bodies. In this short article, we present all you need to know about body fat.

What exactly is body fat percentage?

To put it simply, body fat is the percentage of fat compared to everything else in your body (organs, bones, etc.).

Is having body fat unhealthy?

No! Again, it all depends on the percentage. We all need a minimal amount of fat, called essential fat, for our body system to function. For men, this minimal amount is around 3% and for women 12% (yes, there’s a huge gender difference!). Some bodybuilders try to go even below this amount, which is very dangerous.

What is the body fat percentage on an athletic, fit body?

This varies greatly individually, and of course, by gender. On average, the range for a healthy, fit body in men is between 10% and 22%, and between 20% and 32% in women.

How can you reduce body fat?

Take in fewer carbs. Your body will then resort to the storage of fat in your body to fuel itself

Do NOT go on a low-fat diet. Taking in too little fat slows down the process of reducing body fat.

Drink lots of water. Water helps your body get rid of toxins and speeds up the fat reduction process.

Do high-intensity cardio exercise. Trust us, this is the all-time fat burning activity.

Do weight training/build muscles. More muscle mass means that your body burns more calories with every move.

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