Food Hacks for Super Salads

The greatest bane that dieters have to deal with is boring and tasteless foods. Foods are often limited to “healthy” foods with an emphasis on green leafy vegetables. This diminishes the enjoyment factor for their taste buds. But this not need not be the case. You can convert such healthy foods into more sumptuous and delectable dishes.

Vary the Greens

What you need to do first is to vary your greens. Don’t limit yourself to the usual lettuce in making salads. Scan through the vegetable section at your local grocer. You’ll discover there are alternative greens which carry more flavor, vitamins, and minerals. Arugula, baby kale, and baby spinach are good additions, if not substitutes.

Toppings matter

Second, select your toppings nicely. The choices here are limitless and mostly nutritious. Cherry tomatoes, grapes, and radishes can add color and texture to a dull green salad. To add some crunch, use cheese chips or maybe some feta cheese. Also, add an element of protein. Chicken breast, tuna, some deli meats or even tofu can add life and flavor to your salad.


The third is the dressing to bind all your ingredients. There are many commercial dressings available on the market. When choosing one that best fits your needs, be sure it’s a healthy choice. Or maybe you can try making your own dressing. You can innovate by adding other ingredients. Some possibilities are Dijon mustard, cheeses, lemon juice, or roasted garlic.

When making your salad, the possible combinations are endless. Choose healthy and delicious ingredients. Dieting should be exciting and need not be boring.


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