How Many Calories Are Burned In Different Yoga Classes

Yoga is one of the most underrated forms of physical and spiritual exercise. It can be used to relieve enormous amounts of stress in any mind and body. So, regardless of your way of life, yoga would help you a lot. But, when it comes down to the numbers game – how much calories do different yoga classes burn?

1. Hatha Yoga

This slower, more basic form of yoga is not so efficient in terms of shredding that annoying belly fat. It’s used mainly to establish a connection between the mind and the body. If your goal is losing fat, you should avoid Hatha Yoga.

2. Vinyasa Yoga

Breath is an essential element of every yoga movement. Vinyasa yoga employs your body and mind like no other. It fuses dynamic, dance-like movements, with an energetic wave of energy surging through your body. If your goal is shredding fat, then Vinyasa yoga should definitely be on your bucket list.

3. Iyengar yoga

Iyengar yoga is also good for burning fat because of its meticulous build. You really have to employ your mind and muscle fibers when performing it. Its movements consist of being in one position for a long time, as well as combining many different movements. That kind of mental and physical strain definitely burns fat.

4. Yin Yoga

This meditative yoga is great in maintaining muscle flexibility. It in itself is not such a great fat burning solution, but it might contribute to your goals. Use Yin yoga classes as preparation for more difficult physical activity.

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