How to Start Being a Runner

We all can agree on one thing, running is awful! Yet you tend to see people who run 5k marathons easy, no problem. You wonder, how are they able to do that? How can I become a runner? Well, let’s answer that second question for you.

Have a Training Plan

You always need a plan in order to succeed. The best way to become a runner is to have a training plan. There are lots of them online either in document form or via apps. A training plan will help pace you and get you to enjoy running.

Start Small

It’s always important to take it slow especially when your body is involved. Running too fast and too long as a beginner can cause injuries. In addition, it does not improve your overall fitness by a lot. Take it easy, walk first and in between, you can include short running bouts. It’s much better for you in the long run.

Persevere at all times

As we said earlier, running sucks! In order to become a runner, you need mental strength as well as physical strength. There are times that you’ll regret being a runner and wish to quit, Don’t! Remind yourself why you do it and keep pushing on.

Beware of Boredom

Boredom is among the many enemies of a runner especially a beginner. You could fight boredom by having a friend run with you, having some music playing or by distracting yourself. Count the traffic lights that’ll also help.

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