Keto: What you should know

The Ketogenic way of eating has become extremely popular recently. This low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein diet has the twist of emphasizing high-fat consumption. Something that many people struggle to get their minds around.

A New Fuel Source

Keto is unlike the standard American diet which uses carbohydrates and glucose as the body’s main fuel source, with moderate protein and low quantities of fat.  Keto is the complete opposite and uses fat as a source of fuel, with very low carbohydrate consumption.

When compared to glucose, the brain and other bodily tissues are more efficient and healthier when fuelled by fats. Many people have reported that they are able to focus better, have clearer thinking and improved moods when following this way of eating.

Adapting to Ketosis

By fuelling your body with fats, you start a process called ketosis. This process increases ketone bodies that are produced by the liver. To start ketosis, you will need to be eating mostly fats and meats and no carbohydrates or refined sugars.

Stock up on foods like butter, grass-fed meats, bacon, olive and coconut oil, heavy cream and green vegetables. Adapting to this new way of eating can bring with it some challenges, but the benefits are certainly worth it.

Depending on your activity level, your profession, how many carbohydrates you were eating before and how many you cut out can all effect how your body responds to this new diet. Seek out professional help to get you started on the best and healthiest way for your body.



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