Meditation: The Ultimate Brain Workout

We are living in a time where people tend to do everything for their looks. We often forget about our brain which is our main drive and also needs training like every other part of our body. Meditation is the key to our mental improvement.

Benefits of daily meditation

Try to imagine that your thoughts are some kind of noisy, messy room. And the meditation is a way to organize that room, clean the mess and filter the noise. Once you are able to do that you become calmer, your blood pressure is also lower, you are stress relieved. These are some usual benefits of meditation.

How to get started

It’s not like you can sit and meditate for hours with “nothing” in your mind. Well, you’ll get to that state, but first, you need to find a position which you find comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you lie down or sit as long as you can meditate. Once you found your perfect stance, close your eyes and try to cleanse your mind.

This should be a daily routine which duration is 15-20 min approx. By the time goes you will be able to meditate longer and longer.

Origins of meditation

Meditation is the biggest gift we received from Buddhist culture. They were practicing it since 5000 BC. In Buddhist culture meditating is a way of life.

Meditation through activities

Yoga is one way of meditation, which you can also use for morning fitness regime. That is because through yoga you stretch your mind and body.


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