Morning Grumpiness? 5 Steps to Making it a Happier Day

The Biological clock is an actual thing, what it does is regulate a person’s 24hr cycle, from sleeping to eating, many aspects of bodily function are controlled by this system. Different people have different clocks, some people prefer to stay up late and get up late, whilst others go to bed before 10 pm but wake up between 4-5am.

For those of us who like going to bed late and for many teenagers (again biological reasons), getting up in the morning can be a painful experience. We’re going to look at ways this problem can be dealt with…4


Much like when you see an animal doing it as it wakes up, stretching can help alleviate tension in your body and get the muscles ready to work, it also helps lift your mood.


A refreshing morning shower not only helps to wake you up, it also helps to get your mind ready for the day ahead. Who hasn’t solved world peace with a shower, though?


Whether you call it prayer or spiritualism or meditation, dedicating a few minutes to inner peace (however you measure it) can help focus the mind and deal with negative thoughts.


For those who struggle with waking up early, having a filling and nutritious breakfast can help ‘’wake’’ the body up, remember it is not just your mind that is groggy after a sleep.


Exercise also helps to alleviate morning grumpiness; the endorphins leave you not only feeling great but also dispelling any negativity you may have had about waking up so early.

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