The Benefits Of Daily Walks

Humans evolved to travel long distances each day, we hunted prey over miles of distances exhausting them before bringing the animal down.

Today despite all our technology and sophistication, our bodies are still designed for this purpose, we’re going to look at some of the benefits of going for a walk every day.

Regulating blood sugar

Big meals cause chaos for your body as it is flooded with sugar increasing blood glucose levels. Your body spends so much energy digesting the food that you feel sluggish and tired. However, a quick walk around the block after supper or that huge lunch greatly mitigates this slump allowing you to continue with your day.

Good for the heart and blood vessels

Activities that slowly raise your heart rate and then keep the raised level for a sustained period are shown to be good means to increase cardiovascular health. The heart needs good exercise to keep itself in a well-functioning condition.


Scientist are still not entirely sure why, but studies in Europe and Australia show that elderly people who went for 20 min walks at least 3x a week showed an increase in the activity of the Hippocampus (which stores memories):
Over the course of a year, these patients showed a 2% increase, whilst those that did not walk showed a 1.4% decline.

A social occasion

Walking is easy, most of us do it a fair amount. However, evening or morning walk-workouts are a not only good for the body, but the mind as well. Doing it in a group can be a great way to meet others whilst burning calories.

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