The Guide To Choosing The Best Probiotics For You

Probiotics are the bacteria that live in your body and keep you healthy. Many people today choose to take probiotic supplements to boost their health and with the variety available, it is hard to make a choice. Here are four key tips on what to look for when making your choice.

Colony Forming Units (CFUs)

The number of CFUs should be displayed on the bottle or box. The lower end of the range is 3 billion CFUs and this is suitable for those who have a healthy digestive system. Going over 5 billion CFUs is rarely helpful, but a potency of higher than 3 billion is recommended when we age, go through more stress, and when the digestive or immune system is compromised.

Diversity of Strains

The average person should take a probiotic with a good mix of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli to support your small and large intestine. Sometimes they contain a multitude of strains and most of them do not even reach the gut. The probiotic should contain strains that are normally found in the digestive system.

Shelf stable and guaranteed potent

Are you guaranteed to get the right amount of CFUs when you consume the product? You need to pay close attention to the label.  The potency should be guaranteed until the expiration date. It should not have to be refrigerated to keep the potency either.

Clean Label

The probiotic should be chemical-free and not contain any ingredients that could irritate the digestive tract.  A quality supplement will have all the relevant information clearly stated on the label, including the exact strains and the amount of live organisms.        

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