Unsolved Scientific Mysteries That Have Experts Baffled

The Oakville Blobs

In 1994, a strange gelatinous substance in the place of rain fell from the sky and landed in Oakville, Washington. It gets even weirder: The jelly substance fell a total of six times over the course of three weeks and began to make people sick on the first day. One woman named Dotty saved a sample of the jelly rain and sent it to a lab to be studied. A microbiologist who studied the sample observed that it was made up of a type of cell that indicated that it originated from life.

There are various theories as to what this substance was. The first theory is that the navy had destroyed a school of jellyfish and sent them flying into Washington state. Another states that it was the military testing out a new weapon. Either way, there are no known samples left of the substance so this case may indefinitely remain a mystery.

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