Ways You Can Increase the Bulk of Your Arms

Many gymmers desire to have large arms, whether for personal satisfaction or to improve their attractiveness to potential/current partners. We’re going to look at the ways you can increase the bulk of your arms.
A place to start is realizing that not everyone is Dwayne Johnson, genetics does play a part in just how big arms can get naturally, having said that everyone can increase their arm size.

You need to build mass first

Your arms don’t exist in a vacuum, to bulk them up you need to build up your entire body, this may sound discouraging to those looking to lose weight, but remember that fat and muscle look very different on the body.

The stretch

When doing weights, it is important to feel the muscle stretching (but not breaking! Ouch), the tension the stress creates helps stimulate the building of muscle fiber, increasing the size of your arm. Maximizing the strength of the force being exerted on muscles is what helps them grow!

Don’t forget the Triceps

This is one that many are guilty of, people just forget that the triceps are part of the arm as well, neglecting them and focusing only on the biceps. Over two-thirds of your upper arm mass is determined by the size of your triceps, bigger triceps means a bigger and more muscular arm.

Other forgotten muscles/regions

The Brachialis is a muscle just under the bicep, you can do workouts to increase its size, causing the bicep to push up and be bigger.
Another often forgotten addition to your arms is the shoulders, if you have big shoulders your arms will naturally seem bigger too. Finding a work out that service all 4 of these muscle/mass regions is key to have large arms.


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