Work Stress Too Real: Here’s What You Can Do

According to research, almost 50% of employed adults suffer from anxiety and dissatisfaction due to work stress. While some stress at work can be helpful, high levels of stress reduce productivity and can lead to a range of problems for one’s physical and emotional health.

Of course, there are no quick and easy solutions for this problem. Still, there are several ways to make work stress less severe. Here are some tips from experts.


Plan the tasks to be done on a daily basis. Try to make a rational hour-to-hour plan, and stick to it. Include regular breaks in your work plan and try not to skip them no matter how busy you are.

Establish boundaries

Forget the myth of the ideal worker who is constantly available to bosses and co-workers and constantly happy to discuss work. Turn off your work phone when you get home. Use a separate email address for work and resist checking it on your mobile.

Reach out

Spend more time interacting with people, in and out of work. Don’t shy away from discussing your work-related problems. Sharing with colleagues can be a particularly good stress relief.


This may sound like a cliché tip, but research clearly confirms the benefit of exercise for reducing all types of stress. So, no excuses, hit the gym or go running regularly, even after the most exhausting days at work (and especially on such days!).

Eat frequent healthy meals

Having small frequent snacks helps your body maintain appropriate levels of blood sugar, which helps to avoid mood swings. By all means, make sure you never skip meals just because you’re too busy.


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